Live Streaming

Tampa Bay Cameraman is your go-to source for live streaming in Tampa Bay. Whether live streaming is your primary goal or an add-on to another video production service, we have you covered. Explore options that boost your production value including multi-camera switching, a reliable 4G cellular-bonded connection, and the ability to stream to a variety of social media platforms simultaneously. No matter what your live streaming needs are, we can deliver it with expertise and at an affordable price. 

Streaming To Just About Everywhere

We can stream to just about any social media platform including: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Steam, Vimeo, LinkedIn and more! All you need to do is grant us access to your account so we can configure the live stream to broadcast to your page. We can even stream to multiple platforms simultaneously!

For the best experience, we strongly recommend streaming to our paid server. You’ll love the image and sound quality compared to any of the free streaming networks. The player can be embedded on any website and is viewable on mobile devices.

live streaming setup for football

Adding Value to Meetings And Conferences

For those who want control over their live stream attendees, we can broadcast a live feed to your video conferencing solution such as: Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. We can even deliver live interaction between in-person and remote attendees for the ultimate hybrid conference experience!

Seamless Integration With Your Website

Some customers want to build content around their live stream or have control over their branding. We can stream seamlessly to your website with an embeddable player. If you don’t have a website, we can stream to a custom page on our website and provide you a link to share. Our preferred content delivery network is a very reliable solution for your stream and beats all of the free social media platforms. That’s why we’ve made that investment for you!

Events We Stream

  • Weddings & Ceremonies
  • Conferences & Trainings
  • Funerals & Church Services
  • Sports, Concerts, & Plays
  • And More!

Included Benefits

  • Affordable (1) Camera Option
  • Wireless Audio
  • Cellular Bonded Technology
  • Recorded Copy of Stream
  • Social Media Or Custom Page

Optional Upgrades

  • Switch Up to (8) Sources
  • Live Graphics & Intro/Outro
  • Instant Replay
  • Live Interaction With Viewers
  • Additional Tech Crew

What Is Cellular Bonded Technology?

We at Tampa Bay Cameraman are proud to own a LiveU cellular bonded unit. This means we can broadcast a live stream from nearly anywhere, including places without a Wifi or ethernet connection. This is the same technology used by television networks worldwide.

Our LiveU devices combines the bandwidth of Verizon and AT&T 4G networks for resiliency. In places where Wifi and ethernet is also available, we can also pair those technologies to bring a completely reliable broadcast.

Why Not Stream With A Cell Phone?

A cell phone might need to be placed too close to the action while our cameras can be out of the way. When fully zoomed in, our cameras still maintain an excellent image. 

Cell phone streams often have poor audio due to the inability of the user to connect most microphones or audio mixers to the phone. We can do this easily with our gear. 

Also, since cell phones cannot bond multiple wireless networks, you can’t guarantee a solid live stream like we can with our LiveU unit. 

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