Aerial Videography & Photography

The most stunning shots are captured from above, and Tampa Bay Cameraman is your go-to source for aerial videography and photography services, employing both drones, helicopters, and fixed-wing. Aerial imagery introduces a distinctive perspective, elevating the production value of all projects.

This image was taken by our DJi Mavic 2 Pro drone of Main Event in Wesley Chapel. It's a small, lightweight, but powerful camera platform. It produces crisp images and video and is our go-to model for aerial photography and videography.

Drone Aerial Videography & Photography

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as ‘drones,’ brought on a revolution in the aerial video and photography industry. Today, aerial imagery is more cost-effective than ever. Nevertheless, commercial drone operations come with specific prerequisites, regulatory guidelines, and challenges. Always hire a professional drone pilot such as Ryan French, the Tampa Bay Cameraman.

Aerial videos and photos can be ordered as a standalone service or seamlessly integrated with other production services, such as weddings, real estate, business advertisements, music videos, and more. Contact Tampa Bay Cameraman today to receive a customized quote for your aerial video or photography needs.

Aerial Imagery From Helicopters & Fixed-Wing Aircraft

While drones are typically the most cost-effective means for capturing aerial video and photos, there are occasions where drone flights are out of the question. However, Tampa Bay Cameraman has your back and offers professional videography and photography services using helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

In addition to our expertise in drone operations, Ryan French has accumulated hundreds of flight hours specializing in capturing video and photos from aircraft from Bell 206, Robinson R44, and a Cessna 172. Imaging capabilities range from handheld DSLR cameras to gyro-stabilized camera equipment attached to the outside of the aircraft.

This image of an Antonov AN-124 cargo plane was shoot while over a taxiway at Tampa International Airport. We were flying in a Bell 206L4 Longranger helicopter. Such images can only be attained thanks to traditional aerial platforms and constant communication with Air Traffic Control.
Ryan French flying a drone near TPA Airport
Ryan flying a Mavic 2 Pro just 1,000 feet from a landing 737 at Tampa International Airport. This ongoing construction progression project took several weeks to get the necessary permission and logistics from the FAA. This included working with other entities such as the DHS, FDLE, and Tampa Airport Police. Hiring just any drone pilot for this job would have resulted in immediate and severe legal consequences.

Skilled FAA-Certified Drone Pilot

Ryan French has held an FAA Part 107 certification as a commercial drone pilot since 2017. He has received formal training at UAV Experts in Atlanta, Georgia. This academy trains some of the country’s best drone pilots and is trusted by news organizations, government agencies, and private businesses nationwide. 

Ryan has secured special agreements with local airports, enabling drone operations even in extreme proximity to large airports such as Tampa International, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, and MacDill Air Force Base. Ryan’s track record and working-relationship with local FAA representatives means he’s trusted to fly in places where other operators can’t.

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