Why Contracts Are Important In Video Production

Why Contracts Are Important In Video Production

It’s official – companies want professional looking, high quality short videos to put on dozens of new media channels, from social media to streaming video platforms. Businesses that aren’t able to deploy video to get visibility often get left behind. A lot of business leaders know that – and so, they may rush to get video results in place. Any port in a storm…?


But when you’re working with third parties to make these videos, contracts matter. Why? Here are some things to think about when you’re trying to get involved with a video production company. Set yourself up for success by knowing what to look for.


On-Time Planned Results


Unfortunately, there’s not really any performance bonding framework in place for these kinds of contracts like there is with big construction, where you can take out a bond to make sure a school or hospital is built by a certain date, and built correctly.


That’s why you have to rely on the track record of the firm that’s involved – the experience of the production people and their ability to keep things on track! Ask questions, and clarify details at the beginning.


Storytelling and Editing


With these professional videos, it’s important to tell the right story. That means paying specific attention to the narrative and how it’s put together. It also means careful and precise editing. You may have heard of “dead air” in the radio world, and this kind of problem, or similar ones, can be extremely harmful to your short video. Getting the message right means paying attention to the details and figuring out how to craft a narrative that works for your company. Spend time talking to your video production firm about this.




Then there is the video company’s ‘bedside manner,’ in other words, how easy are these people to work with? Do they know their stuff, or will they have you running in circles trying to pin down the right way to move forward? Do they adhere to professional standards or just sit there behind the camera lens and equivocate?


All of these issues are why a contract can be so important in the world of video production.


At Tampa Bay Cameraman, we make it our business to offer high-quality video production processes for our clients. We do the extra work upfront to eliminate all sorts of problems on the backend. Ask us about our commitment to quality as we help you to tell your company’s stories in an effective way.