Reasons to Request Raw Footage

Reasons to Request Raw Footage

It’s pretty clear that these raw format videos are good news for the industry. However, if you aren’t sure if this is right for you, keep reading. Here you can learn why this is a positive thing for the industry.

Getting to Know the Raw Benefits

From a quality perspective, raw just makes sense. Having access to the untouched original is always going to provide the best possible product in the world of imaging. People new to the world of photography will learn this quickly when first changing cameras from JPG to raw.

Taking the files into Photoshop will reveal the additional data stored in raw images, which makes it possible to pull highlights and push shadows without losing image quality. When you do this with JPG, it will quickly reveal the limitations and flaws. Now that modern manufacturers have determined how to capture raw video, this is the next sensible step when it comes to improving video quality.

Eliminate Hard Coding During the Capture

Another benefit is that decisions related to the footage no longer have to be hard-coded when captured. The looks burned into the image are not new. When traditional film was used, this was like selecting a specific stock you wanted to work with. Today, it refers to choosing a certain contrast or look while you are recording.

When you have raw video, it is possible to change white balance, exposure, contrast, and more with the original data. This is as good or even better than if you made in-camera changes.

When you read the data directly from the sensor, you can preserve much more of the information than the processed files. With raw video, you will also achieve more color depth than the more common eight-bit, H.264. Also, raw video provides nothing under 10-bits of information, and with higher-end camera models, this can reach 12-bits.

The Increased Growth and Use of Raw Footage

Thanks to improved processing, smaller and faster media, and reduced cost for video equipment, you can now find raw in several forms from different manufacturers. Something to understand is that raw video and uncompressed footage are not at the same time.

This is actually considered an advantage. Raw data that is derived from the image sensor can be compressed without any losses, which offers the same advantages provided by raw without the bigger file sizes. Formats like Blackmagic RAW, Canon RAW, and ProRes RAW have new formats to make this possible. In fact, there are several compression options, so you can choose whether you want the most pristine and perfect option or if you can sacrifice image quality for shooting times and save storage space.

Is Raw Footage Right for You?

Raw footage is considered a huge benefit in the world of videography. Regardless of if the video is for personal or professional use, it is a good idea to consider the use of raw footage. Working with professional videographer will ensure you can reap the benefits that this format offers.