Cutting Away And Back Again: Premiere Video Design Principles

Cutting Away And Back Again: Premiere Video Design Principles

When it’s time to really build the best corporate video message to show the world, what you choose matters.

As a top video production company in the Tampa Bay area, with a real track record of success, we are serious about our ability to support your corporate message and your video content, so that you can be confident that what you’re putting out there on all of those channels not only represents you well, but is ultimately effective in reaching viewers and getting them to pay attention.

Look Into The Camera

If you look at our past track record of projects, and how we work, you’ll see how we highlight individuals involved in business or other types of achievements and capture their message directly from their own mouths. That’s a key part of designing the right narrative to hook viewers and speak directly to audiences, and when used correctly, it’s vastly effective.

That’s a pillar of our video design, but it has to be creatively mixed with other types of footage to have the best effective result.

Doing Things

In other words, while it’s great to see the head honcho talking about the overall goals, it’s also very engaging to see your business at work. Whether it’s a product or service business, you can still create those stunning shots that will attract viewers and keep them glued to the screen.

Some examples from our gallery include hot sizzling steak on a plate with broccoli, or a shot of a geared-up worker operating a an industrial machine. These types of examples show the power of this kind of “compositional” video technique – the intersection of action shots, and narrative shots, two types of footage that so perfectly complement one another on the screen.

These are the types of shots that we carefully intersperse with the messaging shots in order to get a balanced result that’s perfect for the viewing audience. We sometimes refer to these changing angles and scenes as quick cut video editing. Doing this in a precise way packs value into your video, to keep attention when attention is what counts.

That’s just a bit of what we do at Tampa Bay Cameraman, where we are committed to helping clients to succeed with every project. You can see more on the site – bookmark us and get in touch to schedule your project now! We’re busy – but we will make time for you. As a top video firm in Tampa Bay, we have the resources to help propel your company’s message to the top of the heap.